Costume Examples for an 80's Party


Click on the following links or scroll down to see Bad Examples, Basic Examples, Good Examples and Overdone Examples of 80's Costumes for an 80's Party!


And...these are not all I could find or think of, but I wanted to leave some ideas open for people to think up on their own...or do some research on the net, be creative and have fun.


If you're not feeling up to a whole costume, a search on Google for 80's Retro T-Shirts pulls up tons of sites that specialize in retro logos.  Contact me if interested in creating something similar at a 1/3 the cost the online stores charge (I'm not in it for profit).


Bad Examples - Don't Dress Like this for an 80's Party

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The idea here is, stick to the 80's decade...don't dabble in disco or hippies...or chickens...wrong decades.

Basic Examples - At a bare minimum, show up wearing something like this

 Basic_Example_1a.jpg (23537 bytes) Basic_Example_1b.jpg (27858 bytes) OR Basic_Example_3.gif (24540 bytes) OR Basic_Example_5.jpg (94143 bytes)

 Basic_Example_2a.jpg (109836 bytes) Basic_Example_2b.jpg (94406 bytes) OR Basic_Example_4a.jpg (20322 bytes) Basic_Example_4b.jpg (21639 bytes)

Plenty of ideas for shirts to be found online...80's Retro T-Shirts

and again, I can create similar ones for you at a fraction of the cost, provided you get me an image early



Good Examples - Dress something like this for an 80's Party

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 Good_Example_4.jpg (13528 bytes) Good_Example_6.jpg (13892 bytes) Good_Example_7.jpg (51953 bytes) Good_Example_8.jpg (30025 bytes) Good_Example_9.gif (27267 bytes)

Here you'll notice several simpler costumes and some more advanced costumes...again, we ask that you do dress up - but it need not be extreme.  Magnum PI is a pretty easy one to put together...and you can always spice it up with a sidekick.


Overdone Examples - This is probably too much


TooGood.jpg (148977 bytes)

Fully transform-able Transformers Costume


While really, really cool...this is really, really advanced.  You need not go this far.

....but if you do...I think I want to have your children..

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